We are on a quest to go green

From inception of planning for the Westbrook Service Station we’ve prioritised the impact that pollution makes on our environment.  We are committed to do our part and contribute to a better environment for our community, we’ve intsalled numerous initiatives that contribute to the environment positively.

Two of the major initiatives that we’ve taken is firstly the 70 000 litre water attenuation tank that harvests rain water., which is primarily used for the car wash on site as well as to maintain the general site cleanliness and irrigation of garden areas.

Secondly, we’ve built an array of solar panel PV’s on the sites roof that harnesses the power of the sun to assist in powering the service station with electricity.

The system comprises of the following:

  • 114 x 72Cell ARTsolar PV Modules
  • Renusol aluminum mounting structure
  • 2 x SMA Grid-tie inverters
  • Smart Sunny Portal monitoring system
  • Smart grid management system

The system is designed as a grid tied solution i.e. to use the generated electricity immediately when generated and draw the electricity from the grid when the system is not generating.

Check out our drone fly over video below.